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"As a pioneer in the Inbound Marketing world, I've seen how content strategies have had to become more complex as both search engines and people have gotten more sophisticated. At this point, becoming an inbound-focused content marketer with any real skill to get measurable results is a daunting hill to climb. Justin, in both his book and his workshop, has been able to take that daunting hill and turn it into a jogging path with mile-markers, directional signage, exercise stops and even the needed water station. He's made what was ridiculously difficult so that it is now manageable, enjoyable, and most of all, successful. Justin gets it and now so can you."

- Preston Bowman

Chief Strategist at Stone Creek Consulting

"My company had been blogging 2-3 times per week religiously for 6 years, but our organic traffic growth had completely stagnated, never surpassing 1,000 visits. There was no real strategy to our output, everyone was just expected to contribute blogs on a subject they felt comfortable writing about. Then I attended Justin Champion’s workshop. I had no idea what an impact that day would have on my company and my career. After implementing the strategy I learned in the workshop, we experienced exponential organic traffic growth. Within 6 months traffic had tripled, within a year it increased by over 500%, and 18 months later we surpassed 10,000 monthly organic visitors. In the same time period, leads from organic have increased by 2,300%. I can’t recommend Justin’s workshops more highly."

- Tammy Duggan-Herd

Director of Marketing at Campaign Creators

"As a seasoned inbound marketing veteran, I was surprised by how much I learned from Justin's inbound strategy workshop. It offers practical advice, strategies, and tips no matter where you are in your inbound marketing strategy. His step-by-step instruction and real-world examples should appeal to beginner marketers as well as experienced marketers who have already started their inbound journey."

- Tony Paille

VP of Marketing at AIIM International

"We really took away several 'a-ha' moments from Justin's workshop. I personally enjoyed Justin's teaching style and the pace at which he delivered the workshop. I highly recommend the workshop to anyone who's looking to take their inbound strategy to the next level."

- Rick Whittington

Principal at Whittington Consulting

"The #1 challenge our customers face is creating great content that people will actually consume. Justin’s workshop really nailed it. He teaches you how to create an inbound marketing strategy and how to apply it to your business right now!"

- Scott Lambert

President at Xcellimark

"Justin's workshop brought it home for me. The straightforward process takes you from feeling overwhelmed to focusing on actionable steps. Justin's practical advice and tips makes quick work of creating an inbound strategy."

- Bonnie Valentine

Chief Poperating Office at Purposeful Pops

"Justin's inbound strategy workshop was the highlight of all 2018 events and is something we now build into the curriculum for Inbound Marketing certifications offered by SD Inbound Marketing. The feedback from attendees has been great and multiple people have already applied the strategy and seen huge results."

- Hansen Hunt

President and Co-Founder at SD Inbound, Inc.

"Justin's presentation was remarkable. He has clearly mastered the subject matter of content marketing and pillar content, but what's most remarkable is his incredible work in communicating actionable best practices."

- Adam Singer

CEO at Ability SEO

"Justin's workshop was one of the most useful marketing workshops I've ever been to... ever. By "useful" I mean that I was able not only learn something new, but literally apply it to my business during the workshop and walk away with an actionable strategy. 10/10 recommend."

- Logan Mayville

Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant

Justin’s workshop provides attendees with step-by-step action items to help transform their content marketing strategy from Day 1. His roadmap was easy to understand for even the most novice marketers."

- Brandon Koch

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at M&T Bank

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